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"Recently I connected my Western Digital external HDD to computer. I have come across a pop up window. It is asking like “do you want to format it now” I was confused and worried what to do. I clicked on No option. When I tried to access files from my external hard disk. I was shocked that my WD HDD has become inaccessible. Now, I am worried of how to access precious files from Western Digital hard disk?"

Majority of us come across above-mentioned circumstance. Well, to be frank, its an format error message that asks you to format the hard drive. Under such situation, if you click “No” option, then files stored on Western Digital hard disk remains inaccessible. Else, if you select “Yes” option, drive will be free of format errors but entire data stored on WD HDD will be washed away within a fraction of time.

Western Digital is one of the well-known hard drive manufacturers, which is widely appreciated for its stability, capacity, consistency, speed, and compatibility. However, despite of having various advanced features, data loss is cannot be avoided completely. If you have lost or deleted files from Western Digital hard drive, here is the most efficient Western Digital hard drive recovery software for you. Hard Drive Recovery tool can easily get data back from numerous types of WD hard drives including WD My Passport, WD My Book and WD Thunderbolt, WD Cavier etc. Further, this powerful tool even supports data recovery from hard drives of manufacturing brands such as Seagate, Hitachi, HP, Buffalo, LaCie, Iomega, Samsung, Maxtor, etc.

Factors for losing data from Western Digital Hard Disk

  • Human Errors: Human negligence is the common reason for losing data from WD external HDD. Sometimes while removing redundant files, data present on Western Digital hard drive gets delete accidentally. If backup of that file is not available, critical loss of data is certain.
  • Repartitioning WD Hard Drive:  At times while converting file system from FAT to NTFS, If the process of file system conversion is interrupted due to any errors or sudden power surge then it could lead to data loss.
  • Files Lost While Transferring: Sometimes while using "Cut " and "Paste" commands for transferring files from Western Digital HDD to PC, if you pull out HDD abruptly then it leads to data loss. In addition, you may encounter loss of files due to sudden power failure during data transfer process.

In order to avoid losing files from Western Digital hard drive, you need to take few precautions. Always you must have a necessary copy of data as backup because it might help you to avoid severe crisis whenever you come across data loss. Always make sure that you have connected WD HDD to virus free computer. Moreover, use updated antivirus software on your personal computer or laptop. Despite taking precautions if you have lost files/folders from WD hard disk then make use of this HDD recovery software. This promising software can also be used for other scenarios such as dead Toshiba laptop hard drive. To have detailed idea about this topic, click on this link: http://www.hard-driverecovery.org/data-from-dead-toshiba-laptop-hard-drive.html

Irrespective of cause for losing data from hard disk, This Hard Disk Recovery tool can recover files from Western Digital hard drive in few simple mouse clicks. In addition, one can even employ this advanced Western Digital hard drive recovery software to restore hard drive data that has been lost due to virus attack, multi OS reinstallation, file system corruption, HDD crash, etc. In addition to WD HDD, this popular software also has potential to recover files from other external storage media like pen drive, flash drive, memory card, solid state drive, digital camera card, SD card, FireWire drive, memory stick etc. Aprt from WD this tool can also perform Seagate external hard drive recovery and recovery from all other brands of HDD. Moreover, this tool is widely appreciated for its compatibility to recover data on all major versions of Windows and Mac OS based laptops, desktops, notebooks etc. Moreover, you can use this advanced application to recover data from Western Digital hard drives of any size ranging from 500 GB to 2TB. This application can also be used to recover files from PS3 hard drive in a very easy and effective way. For more detail, about it click on this link: http://www.hard-driverecovery.org/ps3.html

Note: Make use of this powerful software to restore data after hard drive I/O error due to incompatibility caused due to making use of different tranfer mode, severe virus attacks, using unreliable third party tool, etc compatible with latest version versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc. For more recent information, visit here http://www.hard-driverecovery.org/recover-data-after-hard-drive-io-error.html.

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